Cyber Monday - Tune Up Fitness

Marketing & Design


In 2018 I was fortunate enough to creative direct the Tune Up Fitness Cyber Monday promotion and bring our vision to life, working with photographer Marvin Nuecklaus. As a team, we took a look at the Black Friday creative from previous years. Based on what we saw, and where we thought we could improve, we established three goals for this campaign: We wanted to increase revenue/sales, strengthen our company’s marketing efforts, and increase brand awareness and engagement. 


I started by examining the fitness market for what was visually trending. At the time, there was a trend in product photography where items shot were vibrant, clean, and always produced a long, aggressive but clear cast shadow. Being mindful of budget, the photographer and I tried our best to replicate that look and feel.

After the images were shot, I began to edit them in Photoshop. I created the key art with scalability in mind since we were planning on promoting our Cyber Monday sale with them for various marketing channels (Facebook, Twitter, Google ads, etc.) I also designed and developed the promotion email that all of our customers received.

Due to everyone’s great work, we successfully achieved all of our goals (and some more). We also received personal emails from our customers and affiliates complimenting the team for our creative and marketing efforts.