The Ad Club

Art Direction

The Ad Club is a nonprofit focused on networking, education, professional development, advocacy, and diversity for the New England marketing and communications industry. In 2015, I joined the team as an Art Director and drove the creative for all of their events and marketing efforts. Even though The Ad Club puts on over 30 events a year, the following projects were some of my favorites to work on.

The 2017 Women's Leadership Forum

The Women's Leadership Forum is dedicated to annually recognize and honor inspirational individuals for their leadership qualities and accomplishments. The theme for 2017 was 'HerStory' so when I was presented with the concept, I thought of creating an intimate setting for the stage, almost like a coffee shop, to help attendees feel welcomed and relaxed, and extended that look and feel to the rest of necessary assets. For this project, I designed the stage, the event logo, the program book, the event slides and programming, set up the maintained the event website, and created all marketing assets (emails, print and digital ads, etc.).

Media Innovation Day & The Maven Awards

Media Innovation Day & The Maven Awards are a daylong event that covers new and emerging media and rapid marketing shifts impacting brands. Throughout the day, individuals, agencies, and marketing teams are awarded a Maven Award for the innovative media campaigns, plans, and ideas. For this project, I created the stage design, the program book, program slides, and designed all creative marketing and promotional assets.

The 57th Annual Hatch Awards

The Hatch Awards started over 60 years ago by The Ad Club and has grown into what is now known as the biggest creative marketing celebration in New England every year. It was a pleasure working on this project. The event branding, stage design, and show programming was done for us by the excellent creative minds at Black Math. I worked with their creative team to create all print and digital marketing efforts, event signage, and designed and maintained the website based on their visual guidelines.